Widgegoera Joe

I'm only a backblocks shearer,boys, as easily can be seen,

I've shore in all the famous sheds all on the Riverine.

I've shore in all the famous sheds, I've seen the big tallies done,

But somehow or other, I don't know why, I never became a gun.


Hurrah, my boys, my shears are set, I feel both fit and well;

Tomorrow you'll find me at my pen, when the gaffer rings the bell,

With Hayden's patent thumb-guards fixed, and both my blades pulled back;

Tomorrow I go with my siding blow for the century or the sack.


I've opened up the windpipe straight, I've opened behind the ear;

I've shorn in all the possible styles in which a man can shear;

I've studied all the cuts and drives of the famous men I've met,

But I've never succeeded in plastering up those three little figures yet.


As the boss came up this morning, boys, I saw him look at me,

For I'd mastered Moran's great shoulder-cut, as he could plainly see,

But when he comes by tomorrow , my boys, I'll give him another shock-

For then he'll find that I have mastered Pierce's rang-tang block.


If I succeed as I mean to do, next year I intend to shear

At the Wagga demonstrations that are held there every year!

And there I'll lower the colours, my boys, the colours of Mitchell & Co.

Instead of Deeming, you will hear of Widgegoera Joe!