Stringybark and Greenhide

I sing of a commodity, it's one that will not fail ya,

I mean the common oddity, the mainstay of Australia;

Gold it is a precious thing, for commerce it increases,

But stringybark and greenhide can beat it all to pieces.


Stringybark and Greenhide - that will never fail ya

Stringybark and Greenhide - the mainstay of Australia


If you travel on the road and chance to stick in Bargo,

To avoid a bad capsize you must unload your cargo;

For to pull your dray about I do not see the force on,

Take a bit of greenhide and hook another horse on.


If you chance to take a dray, and break your leader's traces,

Get a bit of greenhide to mend your broken places;

Greenhide is a useful thing, all that you require,

But stringybark's another thing, when you want a fire.


If you want to build a hut to keep out wind and weather

Stringybark will make it snug and keep it well together;

Greenhide, if it's used by you, will make it all the stronger,

For if you tie it with greenhide it's sure to last the longer.


New-chums to this golden land, never fear of failure,

While you've got such useful things as these in fair Australia;

For stringybark and greenhide will never, never fail ya,

Stringybark and greenhide - the mainstay of Australia.