Stalky's Song

Written by John Armstrong (nicknamed Stalky) this is a modern day song that tells a little of what it's like playing in a bush band.


I never was a ryebuck shearer. I've never worked the land

And I've never danced by the billabong to the sound of a German band

I'd never make a roustabout and I don't ride a horse too well

But I love to sing the old Australian songs and I love the tales they tell.


'Cause you don't have to be a bushman to sing the old bush songs

It don't matter if you come from the city or the country just as long as you sing along

So if you like our music just join us when we sing

'Cause you don't have to live in an old bark hut to make those rafters ring.


I never was a convict, I've never worked in chains

And I've never drove a mob outback across the northern plains

I've never stood on a mountain top and said all I could see was mine

But I've got a good fiddle and a mandolin and a band that suite me fine.


I've never been out catching whales, all I ever caught was a cold

And I've never tramped the diggings, following the search for gold

I've never seen a bushranger, at least not one that ever rode a horse

But if somebody wants to rob you these days they do it legally they don't need force.


Christy picks on the old banjo, my brother Chris plays a mean guitar

Blossom plays on a big fat bass - He looks like a rock 'n' roll star

Fitzy plays the tenor, and Maity plays the box; they're the finest in the land

And I've got my fiddle and mandolin and together we're the Cobbers Bush Band.