Rolling Home

Call all hands to man the capstan

See the cable flaked down clear

Heave away and with a will, boys

For Australia we will steer

And well sing in joyful chorus

Oer the ocean as we go

To that sunny land before us

Where the golden wattles grow

  Rolling home, rolling home

  Rolling home across the sea

  Rolling home to dear Australia

  Rolling home dear land to thee


Up aloft amid the rigging

Blows a wild and rushing gale

Straining every spar and backstay

Stretching stitch in every sail

And the wild waves left behind us

Seem to murmur as they flow

Loving hearts and hands will find us

In the land to which we go


Heave away, you sons of thunder

For Australia we will steer

Where the girls and wives are waiting

Standing there upon the pier

Cheer up, Jack! Bright smiles await you

From the fairest of the fair

There are loving hearts to greet you

And fond welcomes everywhere