Westgate - The Planner's Dream

Three songs we wrote for a Melbourne T.V. station as background for

a documentary on the history of the Westgate bridge when it opened

across the River Yarra.      



Chris Armstrong


The murky Yarra waters divided this wide land

And so to join east and west a mighty bridge was planned

To be a sign of progress for all the world to see

To save our strained resources and help our industry


We'll build a bridge the planners said to make our city proud

A steel and concrete archway, soaring to the clouds

Twill be the pride of Melbourne - the city of the south

A mighty engineering feat to span the river's mouth


With pomp and celebration the mammoth task began

It edged towards the river the chilly depths to span

And slowly it grew skywards a beauty to behold

With eager eyes the planners watched their lifelong dreams unfold


The beauty of the Westgate was plain for all to see

It slowly was becoming what they said it would be

An artistic achievement - an engineering delight

Both functional and beautiful the future looked so bright