Westgate - When Paddy Jumped Over The Bridge


Three songs we wrote for a Melbourne T.V. station as background for

a documentary on the history of the Westgate bridge when it opened

across the River Yarra. We later recorded it at the Bushland Dreaming

concert, not knowing that Paddy Hanaphy, the man in the song,

was in the audience and with him unaware that we would sing the song.     



John J. Armstrong


See them standing in a row all dressed up to the nines

They've come to see the bridge complete and capture the headlines

The grand politicians and the building bosses too

They've come to be the first across the bridge


But when Paddy jumped over the bridge he spoiled all their plans

When Paddy jumped over the bridge all the workers clapped their hands

"I was here before you were" he said as the organisers cursed

As the last span fell into place a working man was first.


It was on a Thursday morning as Paddy was going to lunch

He'd just walked off .that fated span when he heard the awful crunch

To the mates that Paddy lost that day he made a solemn vow

"Tis meself will be the first across the bridge."