Nine Miles From Gundagai

Outside Gundagai there is a famous Australian statue of a dog sitting on a tucker box. The power of the invective of the original poem shows that both “sitting” and “on” were euphemisms for something far more vile.


I'm used to driving bullock teams across the hills and plains

I've teamed outback these forty years in blazing droughts and rains

I've lived a heap of trouble down, without a blooming lie

But I can't forget what happened me nine miles from Gundagai


"Twas getting dark, the team got bogged, the axle snapped in two

I lost me matches and me pipe, Lord, what was I to do?

The rain come on, 'twas bitter cold, and hungry too was I

And the dog shat in my tucker-box nine miles from Gundagai


Some blokes I know has all the luck no matter how they fall

But there was I, Lord love a duck, no flaming luck at all

I couldn't make a pot of tea nor get me trousers dry

And the dog shat in my tucker-box nine miles from Gundagai


I can forgive the bloody team, I can forgive the rain

I can forgive the cold and wet, and go through that again

I can forgive most anything, but hang me till I die

I won't forgive that bloody dog nine miles from Gundagai


Well all these things are past and gone, I’ve sold my team for meat

And in the spot where I got bogged they put an asphalt street

Well me poor old dog - he took a bait and I guess he up and died

So I buried him in my tuckerbox, nine miles from Gundagai