The Ballad of the Kelly Gang

This song, attributed to Joe Byrne, one of Ned's gang,

tells of several of the escapades of the gang. The gang was finally caught at Glenrowan. Ned Kelly was captured, and later hanged, Dan Kelly, Joe Byme and Steve Hart were killed.


Oh sure, Paddy dear and did you hear the news that's going round

On the head of bold Ned Kelly they have placed two thousand pounds

For Dan, Steve Hart and Joey Byrne two thousand each they'll give

But if the sum was double, sure, the Kelly boys would live.


They rode into Jerilderie town at twelve o'clock at night

And rose the troopers from their beds all in a dreadful fright

They took them in their nightshirts, ashamed am I to tell

They covered them with revolvers and they locked them in a cell.


Twas in November '78 The Kelly Gang came down

Just after shooting Kennedy near famous Mansfield town

Blood horses rode they all upon, revolvers in their hands;

They took Euroa by surprise, and gold was their demand.


Into the bank Ned Kelly walked and "Bail Up!" he did say

Unlock the safe, hand out your cash, be quick and don't delay!"

Without a murmur they obeyed the robbers' bold command

Ten thousand pounds in gold and notes they gave into his hand.


"Now hand out all the arms you have!" the audacious scoundrels said

And all your ammunition or a bullet through your head

Your wives and children too must come, just make them look alive

Jump into these conveyances, we'll take them for a drive.


They drove them to a station about five miles away

Where twenty men already had been bailed up all the day

A hawker also shared their fate as everybody knows

And came in handy to the gang supplying them with their clothes.


They next destroyed the telegraph by cutting down the wire

And of their cast off clothing they made a small bonfire

Throughout the whole affair boys they never fired a shot

They way they worked was splendid and will never be forgot.