Maggie May

Come gather round my sailor boys and listen to my tale

And when you’ve heard it you will pity me

I was a goddamned fool in the port of Liverpool

The very first time I came home from sea

I was paid of at the hove from a trip to Sydney Cove

Two pounds ten a month was all my pay

I was jingling my tin when I was neatly taken in

By a pretty red - haired girl called Maggie May


Oh Maggie Maggie May, they have taken you away

To slave upon that cold Van Diemen shore

Oh you robbed so many sailors and you dosed so many whalers

But you’ll never cruise down Lime Street any more


I remember well the day that I first saw Maggie May

She was cruising up and down old Canning Place

She had a figure fine - like a warship of the line

And me being a sailor I gave chase

In the morn when I awoke, stiff and sore and stony broke

No trousers, coat or waistcoat could I find

The landlady said, “Sir, I can tell you where they are

They’ll be down in Stanley’s Hock Shop, Number nine”


To the bobby on the beat at the corner of the street

To him I went. To him I told my tale

And he asked as if in doubt, “Does your mother know you’re out?”

But agreed the lady ought to be in jail

To the hock shop I applied but no trousers there I spied

So the bobbies came and took the girl away

And the jury guilty found her of robbing a homeward bounder

And sent her out in chains to Botany Bay