It’s On

Don Henderson


A sad story you’ll hear if you listen to me

About two men who could never agree

What one said was white, the other called black

They’d argue a while then they’d step out the back

And it’s on



All reason and logic are gone

Winning the fight won’t settle who’s right

It’s sad. It’s true, but it’s on


And when it was over they’d start back and then

The argument would become heated again

Who’d won the first round, they couldn’t decide

Till one asked the other, would he step outside

And it’s on


They’d been fighting so long they could neither recall

What in the first place had started it all

But they keep at it, day in and day out

Now they’re fighting to see what they’re fighting about

And it’s on


Now can you imagine if intellectuals

Came to agreement by Queensbury rules

It could easily be that the square root of four

was fifteen less three plus a smack in the jaw

And it’s on


And when goverments of nations still think it more sense

To save on education and spend on defence

It could easily be argued on the same grounds

Elections should be the best of ten rounds

And it’s on