Haul 'Em Away

Little Sally Racket

Haul ’em away

She pawned my best jacket

Haul  ’em away

Then she shipped me in a packet

Haul  ’em away

With a haul-y hi-oh

Haul  ’em away


Well little Flo Fernana

She slipped on a banana

Now she can’t play the piana


Little Betty Baker

She ran off with a Quaker

The poor man couldn’t shake her


Well Little Rosie Riddle

She broke her brand new fiddle

Put a hole right in the middle


Little Polly Walker

She ran off with a hawker

He thought she was a corker


Little Kitty Carson

She ran off with a parson

Now she’s got a little parson


Well up me fighting cocks now

Up and split her blocks now

And we’ll stretch her luff now