One Of The Has Beens

Iím one of the has-beens, a shearer I mean

I once was a ringer and I used to shear clean

I could take the wool off easy like soil from the plough

But you may not believe me, cause I canít do it now


Iím as awkward as a new chum thatís used to the frown

That the boss often gives me saying, ďKeep those blades down!Ē


Iíve shore with Pat Hogan, Bill Bright and Jack Dunn

Charlie Fergus, Tommy Layton and the great roaring Gunn

They brought from the Lachlan the best they could find

But thereís not one among them could leave me behind


But itís no use complaining, Iíll never say die

Though the days of fast shearing for me have gone by

Iíll take the wool nice and easy, shear slowly and clean

But I simply have told you just what I have been.