The Green New Chum

Charles Thatcher


Come all of you assembled here,

Just listen for a while,

I'll give you my adventures now,

At which I know you'll smile.

In the colony I've just arrived,

My togs, I know, look rum;

And you can see with half an eye

That I'm a green new-chum.


I came out here like many more

To pick up lots of gold;

If I greased my boots 'twould stick to them,

At home I had been told;

But deuce a nugget could I find

When up here I had come,

And now I see that I have been

A deluded green new-chum.


I went and bought a shovel

And a thundering heavy pick,

The eye of it, I'm confident,

Was full four inches thick.

Two diggers then were passing by,

One pointed with his thumb

And said, "Lor' Bill, just twig his tools,

There goes a green new-chum."


The first hole that I ever sunk

Was there on Fiery Creek;

And as it run full ten feet deep

It took me just a week-

When on the bottom I fell through,

Which made me look quite glum;

I'd sunk on a tremendous drive,

Wasn't I a green new-chum?




Two diggers working close by me,

Said they were going to town,

And asked me if I'd buy their hole,

And begged me to go down.

They scraped up nuggets with a knife,

The sight quite struck me dumb;

I gave an ounce and a half for it,

Like a foolish, green new-chum.


Next morning I well fossicked it,

And washed the bottom out;

The tub turned out a pennyweight,

And I began to doubt.

Of course you know they'd peppered it,

The gold was all a hum;

They'd sold it me because they saw

I was a green new-chum.


I see you all enjoy the joke

And at me loudly laugh;

But now you know I'm used to it

And can stand a deal of chaff.

But there's a cove that's grinning there

When he ought to be quite dumb;

I'm sure he needn't laugh at me,

He's another green new-chum.