Going Home

John Says, "When I first heard this Don Henderson song I almost cried. It fitted so perfectly with the feelings I had as a young man returning home after three years busking around Australia. This, and Don's other song, Itinerants, which we never got round to releasing on record, were two of my three favourites of the songs we sang. The other was Duke Tritton's Sandy Hollow Line. I think the two songwriters are similar in many ways."


Thereís a ticket in my pocket for the six thirty flight

Thereís people with suitcases all travelling tonight

Thereís a restless wind a-blowing across the aerodrome

I could be going anywhere, but Iím going home


Iím going home. Iím a long time overdue

Going back to the place that I once knew

Itís a long time since I left and thingas have changed a lot

And I donít really know if Iím going home or not.


Itís ten years, maybe longer since Iíve seen my mum and dad

They spoke to me as parents then and I was just a lad

But the thoughts we shared together, no longer are my own

Is the old house just a memory or is it really home


Since then, Iíve seen some travelling, some bitterness and tears

And a growing hardness in me obscures the happy years

And the son theyíre waiting up for is not the son theyíve known

I donít know if Iím visiting or if Iím going home


Home is where the heart is, Iíve often heard that said

Home can be a warm hearth stone or a roof above your head

My comfortís been a blanket, a toothbrush and a comb

My heart is on a dusty road but Iím going home