Give Me A Hut In My Own Native Land

First verse and chorus

Oh give me a hut in my own native land,

Far out in the bush where the tall gum trees stand

No matter how far in the bush it may be

If there's one faithful heart to share it with me.


In the gladness of springtime the song-birds give voice,

The trees and the herbage with flowers rejoice,

Kangaroos and emus bound over the plain,

And the jackass he cackles again and again.


It's pleasant to ride where the emu does stray,

And the wild native dog cries aloud for its prey

And the paddymelon and the wallaby and the wombat so rare

Are found in the bush with the dear native bear.


And it's pleasant to ride at the break of the day,

And chase the wild horses o'er the hills far away,

They'll prance and they'll dance aloud in their glee

And be yarded at night by a native like me.