Me Beaut Little Fergy Tractor

Peter Pentland (“Hayseed”)


I runs a few acres pays a few quids rent

And I’ve overcome the troubles when they’ve been sent

Be it flood or drought or some other factor

I take them in stride with my Fergy Tractor


Oh me beaut little Fergy Tractor

Bedad she goes like the clappers

I can plough me fields and increase me yeilds

Even comes with a silage extractor

Me beaut little Fergy Tractor


Oh my wife was nagging at me for years

Her mouth was always flapping around my ears

She nagged about me, my dog and my farm

So I ploughed her in with my Ferguson


Now some folks say that I’d be an idiot

And if brains were light bulbs, I’d have burned out my filament

They’re the kind of people I turn my back to

I go in the shed and I sit on my tractor