Farmers of Australia

Words and music: John J. Armstrong

There’s a hero in this country who’s forgotten and unsung

He’s a man you rarely hear about and very seldom see

He’s a man who by his efforts helps keep millions alive

I can tell you all about him – he’s me


We’re farmers of Australia, farmers of Australia

Working the land to make the food to help this country grow

We’re farmers of Australia, farmers of Australia

And all we’re really asking is to give us a fair go


People in the country know the meaning of hard work

And the farmer gets some hard times and he takes them with a shrug

But there comes a time when even he can’t take it any more

He gets sick of being treated like a mug


Mother Nature she’s a cruel bitch, you’ll never know her moods

Sometimes she’ll be kind and give you all the help she can

And other times she’ll wipe you out with droughts and fires and floods

But by far our biggest problems come from man


There’s anger in the mountains and frustration on the plains

And it’s certain when you look about that something’s got to give

But there’s always lots of talking but there’s nothing being done

And the farmer wonders how he can survive


We don’t need doles or handouts but we do need your support

Remember, we’re the ones who put the food upon your plate

But living on the land is getting tougher every day

Don’t you know that I’m on your side. Fair go, mate!