Euabalong Ball

Oh, who hasn't heard of Euabalong Ball

Where the lads of the Lachlan, the great and the small

Come bent on diversion from far and from near

To shake off their troubles for just once a year



Euabalong Ball it's a wonderful sight

Where the rams dance with the two tooths the whole flaming night

And many a man will blush to recall

The polkas he danced at Euabalong Ball


There was sheilas a-plenty some two or three score

Some weaners, some two-tooths and some rather more

With their fleeces all scoured so fluffy and clean

The finest young sheilas you ever have seen


The music struck up and it set us a pace

Some danced at a canter and some at a race

And I soon heard the manager let out a curse

When somebody caught him a dig with their spurs


The boundary riders went bounding about

And the well sinkers seemed to be feeling the drought

Though the water was scarce there was whisky to spare

What they couldn't swallow they rubbed in their hair