The Endangered Species     

A song in support of the Mountain Cattlemen

by Chris and John Armstrong


I was born here in the mountains where the life is wild and free

And I love their rugged beauty, thereís just nowhere else for me

Fron the snowy peaks in winter to to the summer sunlit plains

The splendour of the flowers that greet gentle soaking rains

From the still crisp air of morning to the eveningís golden sky

I could bask in natureís glory here until the day I die

To know the joyous freedom of a mountain horseback ride

As you gallop, unrestricted over rolling mountain sides

And the wind that whistles past you sings a song of yesteryear

Of the man from Snowy River and the legends we hold dear

How I wish I could have been there to have seen that magic ride

Itís all part of my own heritage that fills my heart with pride


All my life Iíve worked hard but Iíve never grown rich. I donít have much money to spend

But I count my riches in things I hold dear, tThe mountains, my freedom, my friends

Sure, Iíve plenty of gold but mine is the gold that lights up the mountains each day

My jewels hang low in the evening sky as homeward I make my way

No words can describe the smell of the air or the sight of a carpet of flowers

No money can buy the laughter of mates round the camp in the evening hours


I was just three years old when I got my first horse. I was six when I got my first cow

By the time I was thirteen, Iíd bred a small herd. It all seems so long ago now

By the time I was sixteen, Iíd grown pretty smart. Snowy River had nothing on me

Till acting the goat, one day I came off and landed smack into a tree

All the old men were laughing as battered and bruised, I climbed on to continue my ride

Iíd broken my arm but that hurt far less than the dent that Iíd put in my pride


My father and grandfather both loved this land and each of them went off to war

Their country was calling. There was trouble afoot. It was freedom they went fighting for

Freedom to live in the way that they loved, to ride over mountains and plains

And the unchanging mountains welcomed them back when victorious they came home again

But the old ways are changing and soon theyíll be gone, Old values will soon have an end

But itís no foreign enemy, This time the threat comes in the disguise of a friend


Theyíre pushing us back and the hills that we love will soon be grown over with weeds

And we canít understand what theyíre trying to prove, Thereís enough land for everyoneís needs

The new generation, they too have a right to a life riding free same as us

And not to be lackeys and carry the bags when the tourists arrive in a bus

I can tame a wild stallion. Iíve faced a wild bull. Iíve handled a wild rushing mob

But arguing politics isnít my game. I just hope I can handle the job

(added later)

No arguing politics isnít my game but just watch me handle the job.