The Ballad of Eliza Emily Donnithorne

Words and Music: John J. Armstrong

Bushland Publishing through Mushroom Music Pty Ltd


She stands at the window watching the carriages

Approaching the house in the spring of the year

She smiles at the people hurrying everywhere

Lovely Eliza’s wedding draws near

In the fine mansion in King St. in Newtown,

Beautiful ladies, some haughty, some gay

with horses and carriages, the cream of old Sydney Town

Lovely Eliza gets married today


Over the fireplace, a portrait in oils

Old Judge Donnithorne looks kindly down

Sees his young daughter, the flower of Sydney Town

Looking lovelier than ever in her wedding gown.

But something is wrong - the smiles are fading

The hours are passing, the people must go

Eliza still stands and she looks from her window

Waiting in tears for the man she loves so.


The table is set still, the places are counted,

But gone are the people so laughing and gay

The gifts are unopened and tired of waiting

The beautiful wedding cake crumbles away

The old house is closed now, the windows are shuttered

Nobody leaves and nobody comes near

Eliza grows old now but still in her wedding dress

She faithfully waits for her love to appear


Thirty years pass - the waiting is over

Six fine black horses await at the door

The beautiful carriage is decked in black ribbons

Lovely Eliza will wait here no more

She’s seeking a new world to search for her lover

If she will find him nobody can tell

She’s a young girl again, happy and carefree

Eliza Emily Donnithorne farewell.