Cobbers 1985 - 91

COBBERS 1985     

Chris Armstrong     

“Big Ron Howard    

Maitland Swallow     

John Armstrong     




The band recorded “Bush Dancing Made Easy”, a fourteen tape set with instruction book for teaching Australian “bush” dances in schools and “Cobbers Bush Dance Party”, a single album. These reflected the success of the monthly Gum Tree Folk Dances held  at Latrobe University Union Hall, run for Community Aid Abroad by the indomitable Brian Moran, and for which Cobbers played for sixteen years. During 1985, the band agreed to tour Victorian schools for the Arts Council. They found themselves playing as many as fifteen shows between Monday and Friday, often starting Monday morning at places hundreds of kilometres from home, leaving home at midnight to be ready to play by 9.00. The tour went for six months. They completed the contract but the band swore that they would never work for the Arts Council again.