The Dog's Meeting

This song is often attributed to Henry Lawson. The story, probably apocryphal, is that he was in a pub and bet someone a beer that he could write a song about any subject they could choose. The other pointed to two dogs sniffing each other and challenged him to write about that. Henry won!


Well the dogs all held a meeting and they came from near and far

And some they came by aeroplane and some by motor car

But before into the concert hall they were allowed to look

Each dog had to take his (thump thump thump) and hang it on a hook


Well hardly had they seated there, each mother, son and sire

When a dirty little yellow dog got up and shouted, "Fire!"

They all rushed out in panis. They didn't stop to look

And each dog grabbed a (thump thump thump) from off the nearest hook


And that's the reason why you'll see while walking down the street

Each dog will stop and sway a smell with everyone he meets

And that's the reason why a dog will leave a good fat bone

To go and smell a  (thump thump thump) to see if it's his own.