Devastation and Recovery 1979

Cobbers 1979

When Bruce left, due to family commitments, the band decided to stay as a four piece rather than replace him. On the eve of a national tour in January 1979, bass player and business leader for the band, Mark “Blossom” Brown was killed in an automobile accident. The tour went ahead with “Big Ron” Howard rejoining for the tour and staying for another twelve years. This period saw the release of a live double album, “Bushland Dreaming” (1979), “Portraits of Australian Women” (1980), “Cobbers By Request” (1981), and “A Night of Bush Dancing” (1982). 1982 also saw the release of solo albums by John Armstrong and Christy Cooney. During this time, the band toured extensively, including two tours to America and one to the United Kingdom and Ireland.