Daisy Bates

Oh Daisy, if they’d only heard the things you had to say

How differently we might have read the history of your day

But what was one white woman’s word against the whole white nation

Alone you could not stem the tide of our civilisation


Our beaurocratic government could never understand

The beauty of the culture of the people of this land

Simplicity was far beyond the white man’s complex mind

And to the beauty of your love he was completely blind


He couldn’t see that in his own uneducated way

The aborigine might have some worthwhile things to say

The time had come for him to get a decent education

That he became a token white was our main obligation


So why waste time in listening to you who lived with them

Your whole eccentric lifestyle was a reason to condemn

A woman of the wilderness who shunned society

To live beneath the desert sun with aborigines


But, even so, for fifty years you fought against the odds

While ignorant white leaders played their game of being gods

And if you eased the suffering of one among their race

Your life has served to counteract a part of our disgrace.