Written by Dave Hampson and originally recorded by his band, The Panton Hills Umbrella Club on an album that is well worth seeking out if you can find it, this was about as "country" as we ever got and was a great favourite in the bush. Incidentally, though most of Australia pronounce it Col-er-aine, the locals insist that it is pronounced Cole-raine.


I drifted off the high plains at Dargo,

Headed down the road to Coleraine

Lost a girl to a bar room in Garfield.

Dandenong just found me in the rain.


I got wasted in the suburbs - I got busted in Fitzroy

Did my money backing horses down the drain

I lost a jacket and three teeth passing through Inverleigh

Heading down the road to Coleraine


A sixteen wheeler hauled me off the highway

And he gave me time to straighten out my brain

We talked awhile 'bout running wild and being free

Then he dropped me on the edge of Coleraine


Coleraine ain't pretty and I don't quite call it home home

There's a magic in the springtime once a year

Just being there means something to a man who's on the road

There's a little blue eyed lady waiting there


Like Coleraine, I know you're not that pretty

But you keep this rambling man alive and sane

Just knowing once a year you'll be waiting

When your Daddy makes it down to Coleraine