Lyrics W. Evans Music Traditional


The diggings are silent, the miners have gone

Far away, far away, far away, who knows where

But I cling to the silence where once the sun shone

on my dear love, my true love, my own love, my Clair


Itís wicked for women whose menfolk seek gold

Far away, far away, far away in the wild

In the scorch of the summer and winterís sharp cold

With my family, my dear wife, and my only child


Our shanty was sacking on a mulga wood frame

Far away, far away, far away city lights

But my Clair made it homely and she never complained

Of the hardships, discomfort and darkness and fright


My little one faded, my Clair also died

Far away, far away, far away without aid

For my gold fever killed them, I sat and I cried

For their pardon, with sorrow, for long I have paid


Now the diggings are silent, I stay here alone

Far away, far away, far away with my Clair

And the gold that I glean gilds the roughly hewn stone

For my whole life, my Clair, and my dear child lie there.