Australia - From Celts To Cobbers

Words: Chris Armstrong. Music Trad.


They were Celtic born and Celtic Bred. They left their native land

But not through choice, to halt their voice the crown had raised its hand

To silence them, it sentenced them to a life of misery

To struggle damned in a distant land across the stormy sea.


But distance could not silence them nor years of slavery

They fought and died but Celtic pride overcame the savagery

Their lives were harsh and often short. They lived and died in pain

But through the worst through song and verse, their voice was always plain.


And through the years and through the tears as freemen fought the land

To bring life to the wilderness to work and to expand.

The celtic music lent itself to colourful bush tales

To portray the life and love and strife of early New South Wales


And as the generations passed and gre4at men came and went

The music of our nation grew and came to represent

The lives and thoughts that built our land and brought prosperity

From Celtic starts to cobbers hearts, from chains to liberty.