The Catalpa

A noble whale ship and commander, was called the Catalpa they say,

She sailed out to Western Australia and stole six poor Fenians away.  



So come all you screw warders and gaolers, remember Perth regatta day,

Take care of the rest of your Fenians, or the Yankees will steal them away.


For seven long years they had served here, and seven long more had to stay,

For defending their country, old Ireland, for that they were banished away.


All the Perth boats were a-racing and making short tacks  for the spot,

But the Yankee she tacked into Fremantle, and took the best prize of the lot.


The Georgette, armed with bold warriors, went out the poor Yanks to arrest,

But she hoisted her star-spangled banner, saying: "You will not board me, I guess"


Now they're safe in Americay, at last they're able to cry,

"Hoist up the green flag and the shamrock, hurrah for old Ireland we'll die."