Botany Bay

Farewell to old England forever

Farewell to my rum culls as well

Farewell to the well known Old Bailey

Where I used for to cut such a swell


Singing Tooral liooral liaddity

Singing Tooral liooral liay

Singing Tooral liooral liaddity

And we're bound for Botany Bay


There's the captain as is our commander

There's the bosun and all the ship's crew

There's the first and the second class passengers

Knows what we poor convicts go through


T'aint leaving old England we cares about

T'aint cos we miss pals what we knows

But because all we light fingered gentry

Hops around with a log on our toes


Oh had I the wings of a turtle dove

I'd soar on my pinions so high

Slap bang to the arms of my Polly love

And in her sweet presence I'd die


Now all my young Dookies and Dutchesses

Take warning from what I've to say

Mind all is your own as you toucheses

Or you'll find us in Botany Bay