Bonnie Jess           

Lyrics: Thomas Spencer. Music: Gary Shearston

Publisher: Belinda Music Pty Ltd


Now the shearing time is over, Bonnie Jess

And the sheep are in the clover, Bonnie Jess

By the creek the kine are lowing

And the golden crops are growing

While the setting sun is glowing, Bonnie Jess

And a kiss to you he’s blowing, Bonnie Jess


To your face the crimson’s rushing, Bonnie Jess

Ah! I know why you are blushing, Bonnie Jess

‘Tis the memory appearing

Of the promise in the clearing

When you said twixt hope and fearing, Bonnie Jess

You would wed him after shearing, Bonnie Jess


And now the shearing time is over, Bonnie Jess

And you’re looking for your lover, Bonnie Jess

And his horse’s hooves are ringing

As along the road he’s swinging

And a song for you he’s singing, Bonnie Jess

And the wedding ring he’s bringing, Bonnie Jess