The Old Bark Hut

 Oh my name is Bob the swagman and I'll have you understand

I've seen a lot of ups and downs while travelling through the land

I once was well to do my boys, but now I'm all hard up

And I'm forced to go on rations in the old bark hut



In the old bark hut

In the old bark hut

I'm forced to go on rations in the old bark hut


Ten pounds of flour, ten pounds of beef some sugar and some tay

That's all they give a hungry man until the seventh day

If you don't be mighty sparing you'll go with a hungry gut

That's one of the great misfortunes of an old bark hut


The bucket I wash my feet in has to cook my tay and stew

They'd say I was getting mighty flash if I should ask for two

The table's just a sheet of bark, God knows when it was cut

It was blown from off the rafters of the old bark hut


I've had the rain come pouring in just like a perfect flood

Especially through the great big hole where once the table stood

It leaves me not a single place where I can lay my nut

But the rain is sure to find me in the old bark hut


Beside the fire I lay me down wrapped up in two old rugs

You couldn't call it comfort but it seems to lure the bugs

And all I've got for company's my poor old Collie pup

So I use her for a pillow in the old bark hut


So now I've sung my little song as nicely as I could

I hope the ladies present will not think my language rude

And all tou little girls and boys, around me growing up

Just remember Bob the Swagman in the old bark hut