Another Fall of Rain

Oh the weather had been sultry for a fortnight’s time or more

And the shearers had been battling might and main

And some had got the century that never had before

And now all hands are wishing for the rain

For the boss is getting rusty and the ringer’s caving in

His bandaged wrist is aching with the pain

And the second man I fear, will make it hot for him

Unless we have another fall of rain


But the sky is clouded over and the thunder’s muttering loud

And the clouds are drifting eastwards o’er the plain

And I see the lightning flash followed by an awful crash

And I hear the gentle patter of the rain

So lads put on your stoppers and let us to the hut

Where we’ll gather round and have a friendly game

While some are playing music and some play ante-up

And some are gazing outwards at the rain


But now the rain is over let the pressers spin the screw

Let the teamsters back the wagons in again

And we’ll block the chaser’s table by the way we put them through

For everybody’s merry since the rain

For the boss he won’t be rusty when his sheep they are all shorn

And the ringer’s wrist won’t ache much with the pain

Of pocketing his cheque for fifty pounds or more

And the second man will push him hard again  


So it’s boss bring out the bottle and we’ll wet the final block

For the shearers who may never meet again

For some will meet next season and some not even then

And some they will just vanish like the rain.