All For Me Grog

And itís all for me grog  my jolly jolly grog

Itís all for me beer and tobacco

ĎCause I spent all my tin in a shanty drinking gin

Now across the Western Plains I must wander


I'm stiff stoney broke and I've parted from me moke

And the sky is looking black as flaming thunder

And the shanty boss is too for I haven't got a sou

That's the way they treat you when you're down and under


Well I'm sick in the head. I haven't been to bed

Since first I hit this shanty with my plunder

Iíve seen centipedes and snakes, and I'm full of pains and aches

And itís time to make a push for way out yonder

(Itís time I went out back to have a chunder)


I'll find the Old Man Plain and I'll cross it once again

Until the track me eyes no longer see boys

 And my beer and whisky brain looks for sleep but all in vain

And I feel as if Iíve got the Darling Pea boys


So a curse upon the grog, the hocussed shanty grog

The beer that's loaded with tobacco

Grafted humour I am in so I'll dig the spurs right in

And I'll settle down and do some real hard yakka