The Albany Immigrant

Oh we sailed from Cork on a windy day, with a dark and cloudy sky

Our friends were standing on the Quay, the women stood and cried

But we were young and out for fun and the riches we could find

So lift your glass and drink a toast to the girls we left behind


Oh Paddy dear, drink up your beer, we're leaving in the morn

Aboard the ship, the Alice Gray for West Australia round the Horn.


Our brother was a sailor man with the Black Ball Line

He jumped ship in Albany and now he's doing fine

And the letters that he wrote to us said come out here and stay

So we're off to Albany in the morn without a care, we're free.


Jack has a farm in Albany with livestock by the score

He says the trees can touch the sky, King Kauri so we're told

The sailing ships arrive each day with diggers off for gold

And a hundred whales are plainly seen to frolic in the sound


And now we're under way my boys, the ship's bell loudly sounds

The quay is now well out of sight and we are seaward bound

And as we round passage west the good ship gives full sail

And a parting glass to Erin's Isle from the swaying ship-deck rail